A Message to the ladies

Tell him"I Love you but #YourSwingSucks"

This Valentine’s Day, give your man a gift that he will absolutely love that will also secretly strengthen your relationship and ultimately make you a happier woman. How? Watch the video above and then watch our product videos. And if you're still not convinced, then read our Top 10 reasons why every woman should her man a ZEPP (see below).

V-Day special

Buy any ZEPP kit by February 14th and receive a FREE extra sport mount and $25 OFF expedited shipping by using discount code VDAY during checkout. Order by Wednesday, February 12th at 4pm PST for guaranteed delivery by Valentine's Day with overnight shipping.*

*To receive your free sport mount, add a mount of your choosing to your order before checkout. Offer valid in the US only.


Top 10 Reasons To Buy Your Man a ZEPP Multi-Sport Sensor for V-Day

10. Because you’re probably the better athlete in the relationship and all you really need is a little coaching from someone other than him.
9. He will be more confident because he’ll be a better golfer, tennis player, softball player and baseball coach.
8. His newfound confidence and happiness will inspire him to be more helpful: he’ll finally do all those chores that he should have done a long time ago.
7. With all those chores finally done, you’ll have oodles of free time to do all those fun things you’ve been talking about doing.
6. You will no longer be subjected to his endless speculation about why he played or coached terribly today; ZEPP will tell him exactly why he sucked.
5. His renewed commitment to analyze and improve himself will be infectiously sexy.
4. While he’s obsessively trying to improve his game, you’ll be able to focus on things that actually matter and make the world a better place.
3. You can secretly borrow his ZEPP sensor and coach your kids to be successful in sports and life without Mr. Know-It-All getting in the way.
2. You can ask to see his ZEPP data to confirm he was “playing a round” and not playing around.
1. You can analyze his weaknesses and use them to your advantage in your weekly game or match against him. WARNING, if you choose to beat him or show him up, you will risk losing all aforementioned benefits.

A Message To The Fellas

If you're a woman, you're not allowed to read any further. Guys, we've done everything we can to convince your woman to buy you a ZEPP Multi-Sport Sensor for Valentine's Day. We took some drastic measures, but we hope you appreciate our effort.