All You Need To Know About Steering Your Health Navigation To Meet Your Personal Goals

June 8, 2023

In a piece by University of California IT Blog, Dr Ramesh Jain, the Chief Technical Advisor of Zepp Health and Director of the newly established Institute for Future Health at the University of California, shares his perspective about the importance of understanding lifestyle and environmental factors in building a personal model that will steer one’s health state to meet an individual’s goals.

The work of Dr Ramesh Jain has been of the utmost important to Zepp Health's mission to empower individuals to take control of their well-being through intelligent healthcare tools, and create a world where healthcare is a source of empowerment, inspiration, and joy for all.

To find out more about the Institute for Future Health, check out the full blog:

UCI Institute for Future Health to harness technology to build personalized health model | UC IT Blog (

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