Sustainable Practices, for a Sustainable World

Our mission is to empower individuals to take control of their well-being through intelligent healthcare tools, and create a world where healthcare is a source of empowerment, inspiration, and joy for all. Our mission is supported by our aspiration and commitment to create a sustainable future by applying sustainable practices today. From reconceived, eco-forward packaging to minimized production waste to corporate social responsibility efforts, our commitment to creating a better world is present in all that we do.From eco-friendly packaging and production practices, to collaborations with environmentally conscious partners, to corporate social responsibility efforts, our commitment to creating a better world is present in all that we do.

Partners for the Planet

Coral Guardian

Zepp Health has partnered with Coral Guardian, a non-profit company whose mission is to protect and restore coral ecosystems.

In support of World Ocean Day 2023, Zepp Health donated $10 USD for every Amazfit T-Rex 2 Ocean Blue (Special Edition) purchased, which helped support Coral Guardian's restoration project in the Hatamin Marine Protected Area in Indonesia.


In 2023, Zepp Health brand Amazfit partnered with adidas for their Move For The Planet campaign, which challenged people to get moving and record their active minutes.

Throughout this campaign, for every 10 minutes of movement synced from Amazfit users' Zepp App accounts to their adidas Running account, adidas pledged to donate €1 to Common Goal to help educate communities around the world on sustainability through sport.

By the end of the challenge, more than 1.2 million people had recorded over 173 million active minutes, enabling adidas to donate a total of €1.5m to Common Goal.

Eco-Friendly Packaging and Production

Due to the intrinsic link between the natural world and Zepp Health's Amazfit T-Rex series of outdoor smartwatches, this series was chosen as the product line to lead Zepp Health's sustainability drive.

In 2023, packaging for the Amazfit T-Rex Ultra and Amazfit T-Rex 2 Ocean Blue (Special Edition) was developed with 100% environmentally friendly materials.

Biodegradable plastic (only 6% of the entire packaging).
Biodegradable non-mineral ink.
Biodegradable electroplated aluminum (used in the hot stamping process).

Integrated Production,
Less Waste

By manufacturing multiple components for Zepp Health wearables ourselves including the third generation dual-core RISC-V AI chip, we reduce shipping costs and production inefficacies found in more diffuse production models. From components to apps, we're synced up across the board to deliver better products in less time working towards zero waste.

CSR Efforts

In early 2020, Zepp Health took active measures against COVID-19, providing assistance through the donation of medical supplies and the establishment of special funds, in the range of US$1.5 million. Furthermore, Zepp Health has also actively explored ways to facilitate the analysis and prediction of epidemic disease trends by using big data and AI technologies to establish an early epidemic warning system.