Life at Zepp Health

Dynamic Culture,
Dynamic Team

United under the shared mission of improving health, fitness, and well-being through technology, the talent and unique perspectives of our worldwide Zepp employees transform our ideas into actionable life-transforming solutions.

By taking a human-centric approach to our employees, we create human-centric user experiences and smart wearables that help millions of users around the world strive toward their health and wellness goals in an inspired and joyful way.

Our Mission

Empowering individuals to take control of their well-being through intelligent healthcare tools, and creating a world where healthcare is a source of empowerment, inspiration, and joy for all.

Our Values


By remaining grounded, objective, and data-driven, we create an environment conducive to clear communication and positive outcomes.


Being professional means that we constantly strive for excellence, recognizing that sometimes failure allows us to learn and improve to do better.


We value equity, inclusion, and dignity for all. Displaying appreciation for differences is the growth driver of Zepp Health.


We deliver on our commitment by doing what has been committed. Always aim to deliver value-add results. Protect data privacy: We respect and protect the data privacy of our colleagues, users, and partners.

Zepp Health FridayGO

Occurring regularly on the first Friday of every month, FridayGO is Zepp's monthly celebration of company-wide health through group sports and product experiences. In keeping with our mission to empower health, fitness, and well-being through technology, we encourage all of our departments to organize fun activities with an eye on fitness.

Some of our teams have done yoga classes, bowling leagues, badminton clubs, and even archery practice! No matter where our employees' passions take them, we're ready to up our game together!

Careers at Zepp Health

We're always looking for new minds who share our vision of a future of health, fitness, and well-being driven by technology: take a look below for our current open positions.

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