Amazfit Falcon: Crafting a Champion

July 28, 2023

The story of Zepp Health brand Amazfit's premium sports watch, the Amazfit Falcon, is the story of Breaking Limits. From the use of cutting-edge technology to the intricate work of highly-skilled engineers, every step of production must reach the elite level for this premium GPS sports watch to truly take flight.

The adventure begins with titanium alloy, which - through complex forging and CNC molding - evolves into a material that shines with evident quality.

As a material famed for its light weight, durability and corrosion-resistance, titanium is often used in aerospace materials, and has even been used for medical implants into the human body in the medical industry. This combination of factors makes titanium, and titanium alloy, an excellent material for smartwatches - however, it's usually reserved for flagship watches, due to the high cost and high-level processing requirements.

For the Amazfit Falcon, the titanium alloy plate undergoes a number of refinement steps, including high-speed punching, high-frequency oscillation, high-pressure forging, hand grinding, and precision trimming. From there, the crafted watch shape is hollowed out in order to add various complex and sophisticated electronic devices into the case.

This level of intricacy comes at a cost; due to the nature of the material, a huge amount of time with intense force is needed for cutting - much more than with stainless steel or aluminum alloy. And so, special composite coated knives, diamond knives and CBN knives, are needed. But even with these specialist tools, one knife is lost for every four watch cases produced.

Once the case is forged, each part of the surface is finely polished thousands of times in order to create a shape with clear edges, ahead of the next step.

The Amazfit Falcon has the highest water-resistance rating of any currently available Amazfit watch, with a grade of 20 ATM. To achieve this, precise and sharp omnipotent lasers made cross-cutting textures in the key waterproof positions inside the case. Fine as strands of hair, these textures also cleaned up any foreign objects on the surface and helped to ensure reliable water-resistance for the watch.

To further enhance the waterproofing, our engineers used customized development glue from 3M; even after 288 hours of high temperature and high humidity testing, the waterproof performance of the glue held firm.

To round out this incredibly precise production process, an industry-leading high-precision CCD process with an accuracy of 0.02mm was used when the time came to install our proprietary BioTracker™ PPG optical sensor.

Finally, our expert engineers carefully inspect the structure of the watch to ensure everything meets the elite standards required by top-level athletes, before sealing the watch cover and sending the Amazfit Falcon on its journey to help you start Breaking Limits.

Learn more about the Amazfit Falcon and pick up yours here.

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