Breaking Limits with World Record Marathon Runner Kelvin Kiptum and Amazfit

February 1, 2024

Get ready to ignite your passion for running. We’re beyond excited to share that Kelvin Kiptum, the men's marathon maestro who shattered the world record by storming through the finish line in under two hours and one minute, is now part of our Amazfit family.

His huge achievement in Chicago last year is what the spirit of "Breaking Limits" is all about - and that's why we're honored to call Kelvin Kiptum an Amazfit Athlete.

Let's take a peek into what makes Kelvin the best there is.  


When he achieved that record-breaking finishing time of 2:00:35 in Chicago in 2023, the Kenyan trailblazer forever wrote his name in the history books.

At only 24 years old, and with only three professional marathon races under his belt - including Valencia 2022 and London 2023 - Kelvin Kiptum has taken the running world by storm.

And now, Amazfit will be right there with him through every pace, as Kiptum sets his sights on Rotterdam in April - where he aims to break the two-hour mark - before going for gold at this year's Olympics in Paris.


As an Amazfit athlete, Kelvin Kiptum will don the Amazfit Cheetah Pro to help him break limits in his training and race performance, and the Amazfit Helio Ring to make sure he's getting the recovery a record-breaker needs to keep on making history.

Speaking on the value that this cutting-edge sports technology can bring to an elite athlete, Kelvin said: "Teaming up with Amazfit for this groundbreaking journey is truly exciting. The Amazfit Cheetah Pro has become an integral part of my training regimen. As I aim to break the 2-hour mark in Rotterdam and pursue gold at the Paris Olympics, I am confident that Amazfit will be my ultimate ally in pushing the limits of human potential. Together, we are set to redefine what's possible."

We're thrilled that Kelvin will be providing us insights that will help us up our game, and support you - along with our global community of Amazfit users - in achieving more than you thought possible.


Runners around the world want to know the secret to his preparation. And while a magician never reveals his secrets, it's no secret that Kelvin will wear the Amazfit Cheetah Pro for his upcoming events - including in Rotterdam and Paris.

Crafted for champions, this premium running watch brings you cutting-edge heart rate monitoring, pinpoint GPS accuracy, powerful 14-day battery life, and personalized AI-generated marathon training plans.

But training is just half of what makes a champion - to level-up his mental and physical recovery, Kelvin will also have the Amazfit Helio Ring on-hand. Coming in Spring 2024, this high-tech smart ring is a gamechanger for athletes looking to dial-in on every factor that can help them recover better - and in turn, perform better.

Don’t just watch history unfold - be a part of it. Grab the same tech that powers Kelvin Kiptum’s record-breaking runs, and make this a year of Breaking Limits.

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