Generative AI-Powered Smart Wearables Changing the Game in Sports and Healthcare

May 11, 2023

The world is rapidly evolving with Artificial Intelligence (AI) playing a crucial role in transforming various sectors. Industries worldwide are adopting AI technology to assist with data analytics and data science, which enables accurate predictions of new data. One such industry is sports, which has seen tremendous growth in AI-assisted wearable technology.


Sports wearables powered by AI offer numerous benefits to athletes and coaches. AI-powered apps analyze data and provide personalized recommendations for training and recovery, and can also track the user's movements via the device's sensors, in order to provide real-time feedback that can help prevent injuries and improve performance.


Zepp Health, a leading healthcare technology company based out of Cupertino, California in the USA, with over 200million smart wearables units shipped to date, is driving efforts to achieve the future we imagine by applying large language model (LLM) and Generative AI with wearables, whereby the natural language interaction between user and device will be the key that unlocks the full potential of smart wearables to become true all-in-one wellness partners. From functioning as your personal training coach, sleep and mindfulness coach, to helping you craft and optimize tailored fitness plans, users stand to benefit from their devices by giving them a powerful head-start on achieving their health, fitness, and lifestyle goals. In short, it will feel like a natural interaction between the user and their device to the point that is human-like, with their smart wearable becoming their trusted personal advisor, coach, and trainer all at the same time.

Amazfit Falcon - Zepp Coach™

The Zepp Coach™ is an AI-powered coaching algorithm that provides tailored guidance to help users train and recover more effectively. It allows users to enter their physical characteristics, exercise experience level, and preferred amount of training days per week into the Zepp App, which then generates a personalized training plan. As the user progresses, the Zepp Coach™ monitors their fatigue level, fitness level, and training status, and suggests a reduction in training intensity or a rest day to help avoid overtraining and reduce the risk of injury or exhaustion.


Zepp Coach™ also added a new AI Chat function in the Zepp App, giving Amazfit Falcon smartwatch users the opportunity to test it out. This intelligent chatbot can answer exercise-related questions which are input via voice or text command, such as "Which accessory exercises can help me improve my deadlift?", in the same language that the user originally asked the question. With this new AI Chat dimension, Zepp Coach™ not only can provide personalized training plans and guidance, but it also enables the user to request specific advice which can assist their workout practices in real-time.

Amazfit GTR 4 - Zepp AI Flex™

Zepp Health has also introduced two AI-powered programs, Zepp AI Flex™, and Zepp ChatFacer™, for Amazfit GTR 4 smartwatch users in the USA. Zepp AI Flex™ is a new breed of voice assistant, which understands the needs communicated by the user using natural language, rather than relying on programmed keywords. For example, if the user says, "I want to go running", then Zepp AI Flex™ will recognize the user's intent and intelligently open the corresponding sports mode. Not only is this much more efficient than issuing step-by-step instructions for the watch to open the Settings menu and navigate sub-menus, but it represents a higher level of intelligence that will facilitate a natural human-like relationship between the user and their smartwatch.


Zepp ChatFacer™, an AI-powered watch generator utilizes AIGC tools to process the user's natural language descriptions, received through either voice or typed commands, for the creation of personalized watch faces that can easily be installed onto their Amazfit GTR 4. With this AI-powered watch face creation tool, users can generate and modify the background image on their watch face, and manipulate the selection and placement of data metrics for a customized display of the health, fitness, environmental, and time-related data that's most relevant to them.

Zepp Aura Generative AI Sleep & Relaxation Platform

As the fitness, health, and wellness worlds converge, another powerful AI-powered solution that Zepp Health has also launched is Zepp Aura. This comprehensive, real-time-based personalized health solution features science-backed music compositions and daily tips, to help users sleep, rest, focus, and ultimately achieve better holistic health, while seamlessly integrating with Amazfit smartwatches. By measuring the user’s physiological data, Zepp Aura's powerful AI technology recognizes their relaxation level and generates soundscapes most suitable for their current state, and also provides them with their sleeping report to help them better understand their sleeping pattern and encourage good sleeping habits.

Premium subscribers of Zepp Aura can also access an AI Chat service, which recognizes the user's natural language invoice or text commands in order to answer questions about sleep, fitness and wellness. And in future, these premium subscribers will also be able to create customized Sleep Stories, which Zepp Aura will read out and intelligently adjust based on the user's real-time heart rate, in order to constantly optimize conditions for the best night's sleep. These stories can be generated based on the user's preferences, interests and other needs, and aspects such as pacing, theme and genre can be tailored based on the user's feedback, to help craft a unique story to help each user sleep.


As we move towards a more AI-driven future, it is crucial to ensure that these technologies are developed and used in a responsible and ethical manner. By doing so, we can harness the power of Generative AI to revolutionize healthcare and improve the lives of people around the world. With over 42 million daily Amazfit smartwatch users across the globe pursuing their fitness goals every day, Zepp Health is honored to be able to empower individuals with intelligent healthcare tools to improve their well-being and the company continues to weave AI into the advancement of smart wearable devices, in order to help people optimize their wellness journeys.

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