Zepp Coach™ + Amazfit: Stepping Up Performance

July 12, 2023

With over 42 million Amazfit users across the globe pursuing their fitness goals every day, Zepp Health's mission to empower health through cutting-edge technology is always in motion. Counting steps, keeping track of sleep quality, measuring heart rate and blood-oxygen: Amazfit smartwatches and wearables are built to keep up with you and your specific needs.

Now imagine: what if your Amazfit watch was supercharged with even more personalization for you and your health goals? Enter Zepp Coach™, our new AI-powered software that acts as your digital fitness coach, and can create and modify personalized training programs. Zepp Coach™ leaves the question "What should I do today?" on the bench as you work towards your goals.

The Amazfit + Zepp Coach™ Tag Team

There's no need to perform any fitness tests or assessments before you begin using Zepp Coach™. Simply enter a few details like certain physical characteristics, exercise experience level, and weekly workout frequency, and a workout plan will be devised that's tailored to you.

Once you get started on your plan, Zepp Coach™ will work in tandem with your Amazfit device to learn how your body responds to exercise. As you train, Zepp Coach™ collects and analyzes valuable physiological data during and between your workouts, such as fatigue level, fitness level, and training status. Using this data, it can automatically adjust scheduled workout duration, frequency and intensity - and may even recommend taking a rest day - to maximize efficacy while minimizing the risk of overtraining or injury.

By combining the latest sports medicine research with years of hard-earned experience from real-life coaches, Zepp Coach™ expertly blends the science and art of coaching and places the result directly on your wrist.

Here are just a few examples of how Zepp Coach™ keeps you on track:

- Automatic training adjustments when Zepp Coach™ senses you're in an overtrained state.

- Quantifying your training stress and recalibrating accordingly.

- Increasing your workload after a skipped workout and decreasing after intense workouts.

Like a personal trainer, Zepp Coach™ will optimize your future workouts as it continues to learn your baselines and preferences, keeping you healthy, motivated, and consistently improving your fitness.

Exercise Stress, Managed

Sports science consistently shows that to improve fitness, an individual must stress their body appropriately and then achieve the needed rest to adapt to the new stress. The stress/rest cycle occurs both on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis.

There are two ways to quantify stress: external and internal. External stress is measured by how much time you spent training, the speed or workload of a training session, and how often you train. The problem with time/workload/frequency is the high variance between an elite athlete and an individual looking to complete their first 5k.

In short: one person's stressful training is another's recovery session.

Instead of external stress measures, Zepp Coach™ uses internal metrics which are more comparable between individuals with different fitness levels. For instance, if an experienced runner and a novice runner both run for 10 minutes at a speed that causes each to reach their maximal heart rate, then the relative stress for each is the same even if their speeds differ.

This is why Zepp Coach™, when paired with an Amazfit wearable, uses the Training Impulse metric (or TRIMP score) to quantify your exercise stress.

The TRIMP score uses the continuous monitoring of your heart rate and the duration of the training session to generate a single number that represents the training stress for a given workout. Minutes of increased heart rate contribute to a higher TRIMP score versus minutes when your heart rate is lower. For instance, a shorter workout during which your heart rate is close to peak performance will elicit a similar TRIMP score as a longer workout during which your heart rate is in a lower zone.

By using TRIMP, Zepp Coach™ and Amazfit know your personal training stress and adjust your digital health and fitness ecosystem accordingly.  

The Zepp Coach™ Stress-Balance Strategy

When you first set up Zepp Coach™ through an Amazfit wearable, via the Zepp App, you'll go through a few simple steps:

-Select the number of days and amount of time that you can commit to training each week.

-Zepp Coach™ uses this info to decide how to distribute your training stress day-over-day and week-over-week.

-To avoid injury, Zepp Coach™ will vary your exercise stress, and should your training divert from the plan, Zepp Coach™ will adjust accordingly.

In addition, by tracking the accumulated TRIMP score over time, Zepp Coach™ will estimate your fitness and fatigue. Fitness is computed by your training load over the last 42 days (CTL). Fatigue is the average training load over the last 7 days (ATL). Stress balance is the difference between fatigue and fitness (Stress balance = CTL - ATL).

In addition to your CTL and ATL, Zepp Coach™ ensures that your week-to-week training changes promote the appropriate level of stress and rest. For example: if you increase your training load more than 50% from the week before, that may increase your risk of injury, and Zepp Coach™ will automatically decrease next week's training load. Conversely, if you fail to reach 50% of your prescribed training, Zepp Coach™ begins a detraining regimen and requires a gradual increase in training load in subsequent weeks to promote fitness while reducing injury risk.

Like compounding interest, training needs time and consistency to take hold. Zepp Coach™ aims to keep you healthy while ensuring you are on track for consistent improvements.

Getting the Most Out of Zepp Coach™

With a few simple guidelines in mind, Zepp Coach™ and your Amazfit watch will provide consistent, concrete improvements and tangible gains towards your fitness goals.

Use Zepp Coach™ Consistently - The more you use Zepp Coach™, and the more consistently you use it, will greatly help to determine what a typical training week looks like for you, your current fitness level, and where to make small training adjustments.

Ensure Accurate Heart Rate Targets - Maximal heart rate, a crucial metric, can vary by as much as 20 beats from person to person; by determining and verifying yours, Zepp Coach™ can provide recommendations that are neither too easy nor too hard and more appropriate for your own physiology.

Consider a Chest Strap - If you'd like greater certainty of your readings, consider using a heart-monitoring chest strap during physical activity.


A coach's goal is for every athlete is to improve their fitness while staying healthy. This principle guides Zepp Coach™ in monitoring your training stress, rest, and necessary adjustments on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis. Whether you are training for a race or just want to be fit for life, Zepp Coach™ and Amazfit are ready to put you in the game.

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