Leveraging Zepp Health’s engineering expertise to medical diagnostics and treatment

Zepp Health’s broad mission to connect health with technology is not limited to consumer health.

In 2020, Zepp Health launched a new business initiative aimed towards future offering of medical products and services for healthcare providers. The new business line extends the company’s mission and development of its broad health ecosystem into diagnostic and treatment technologies.

In 2H20, the company announced commercial partnerships and investments with several early-stage companies pioneering new, disruptive imaging systems, which are changing the location, application and cost of medical imaging. Those included Promaxo, which is developing low field strength MRI technology for the doctor’s office with an initial focus on urology; and Hyperfine Research, which is developing in portable MRI systems.

In addition to investments in the growth of these companies, Zepp Health expects to be helping commercialization efforts, such as developing sales in China and other global markets.
Longer term, Zepp Health will look to cooperate on engineering and technology integration to further strengthen and differentiate these solutions, and join them into a broader health ecosystem that integrates consumers and providers.